A New Journey

Published February 15, 2014 by Katier Scott

Monday will mark the start of a new journey for me as I start the hormone therapy needed to progress down my path as a transwoman.

This stage will see physical changes to my body and being a photographer and journalist I realised these changes would make an interesting topic and potential book. Inspired in a way by previous works such as “Putting Myself in the Picture” by Jo Spence, this work will hopefully provide an interesting insight into what changes occur when influenced by hormones.

The project will take a minimum of 12 months during which time I hope to take one self portrait a week. At the end of project I will create a book documenting the journey. The project will end at a point where I feel that, that stage, of my journey is completed sufficiently for the book to be written.

Unlike my previous project, 50-at-50, I have not started a kickstarter project for this one as I was less than successful last time.


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