Week 4, Day 1 – Emotions, Gifts and Jobs!!

Published March 10, 2014 by Katier Scott

I can’t believe I’m starting the 4th week on hormones, these 21 days have flown by and I’ve done so many things it got a bit dizzy at times…

But for the first time since starting on hormones I got emotional about something.. My fantastic sister sent me a gift of 3 lovely Cardigans, she’s often sent me clothes and every time she does it I’m blown away and reminded of the support I am fortunate enough to have.

But worse, this idiot who’s writing this blog, managed to damage the pink cardigan because I wasn’t expecting the give and thought it was a parcel containing my repaired phone. I snipped a flap in the back of it with scissors which really upset me – so after a conversation with my flat mate I’m going to look at something like appliqué to decorate it and repair it.

That wasn’t the only gift I got as my ever thoughtful flatmate arrived home with a new handbag and butterfly necklace for me as she knew I loved butterflies and my current ‘handbag’ is a rucksack style affair which is a little small at times and  definitely not ideal for all situations.

It’s times like this that remind me how lucky I am and why, despite whatever delays I’ve had with the NHS up till now, I’m able to be patient and just let the treatment side of things work their way out.

On the job front I am hoping that this week will see me confirmed into a new post at work. It’s far from guaranteed as it requires paperwork as it’s a secondment within my current employer, but after 18 months of near misses and being pipped at the post in interviews, it just feels great to be told by someone “We want you!!”.

So there you go, no Vlog this week as I haven’t had the time, next week I’m going to compare the photo’s I took at day 1 with those for day 28. If there is anything vaguely noticeable then I will post the comparison on the blog, if not you’ll probably get a comparison from 1 and day 56 as I’ll be disappointed it something isn’t visible by then!!!


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