Week 7 Day 2 – Clothes and reaching 50!!

Published April 1, 2014 by Katier Scott

I’m actually writing this on day 2, which is kinda nice – all be it unintentional – as that means today is day 50 on hormones. I was going to do a comparison shot but honestly the changes aren’t particularly noticeable and today my photo looks a bit rough to say the least.

I’m going to keep the rough shot in the book because I think it’ll be interesting to see not just the hormone changes but the fact that, like everyone, I can have good days and bad days. While today wasn’t a bad day, my sleep pattern has been thrown out a bit and I also didn’t have time to take the photo in the morning as I had to go out to help a friend with some things.

Therefore I’m definitely tired and the make-up is showing a few hours wear – so I’ll keep it as an interesting photo as most of them will have me wearing fresh make-up.

What I really had planned to talk about today, however, was clothes. When anyone starts RLE (be it MtF or FtM) they have to quickly switch wardrobes and immediately start wearing clothing appropriate to their gender, often with little or no preparation.

Some may have clothing from a closet Cross Dressing phase, or bits and bobs they’ve worn – for example – at TG meetings or Fetish events, however most of these are likely to be either evening wear and/or simply inappropriate.

While it’s absolutely true that anyone can wear what they like, the fact is that a Transsexual is trying to fit in and while they can have their own individuality, if they are too individual it’s very easy to stand out and be made to feel uneasy by the general public.

As such it’s important for Transexxuals to understand what a typical woman might wear in a particular situation, and while I don’t always get it right – even 4 years down the line – I believe I’m good enough to be able to give some solid advice mainly aimed at MtF’s – In some respects a FTM has an easier time because it’s harder to go badly wrong.

  1. Jeans – Get female cut ones and you’ll be fine, I can’t emphasise enough that there is nothing wrong with wearing them, just because your now presenting as Female doesn’t stop you wearing Jeans. Most women do, most of the time, especially in social settings or when out shopping
  2. Footwear – Be sensible about it ladies!! While some women will be seen wearing, for example, 3″ stilleto’s out shopping they are far and away in the minority. Ankle Boots, Ballet Shoes, Trainers and VANS type footwear are all suitable ‘standard’ footwear with Shorter heeled shoes also being perfectly acceptable – although more usually they would be worn with a smarter outfit for work or going out.
  3. Tops – I’m talking casual here long tops and short dresses are good in combination with jeans. The long top will help disguise the unwanted bump and create a balanced look. Necklines can be fairly plunging but make sure your entire breastform and bra are hidden. Vest tops under plunging V necks are good to help with this. Even when wearing a skirt longish tops usually work quite well – although obviously probably not a good idea to wear with short dresses.
  4. Boobs – don’t go overboard, I wear a ‘Uplifting/padded’ B cup bra with Primark Bra inserts (intended to make a standard bra – uplifting), and for my frame ( a UK 12-14) they produce a decent balance but not over-large boobage. The Primark inserts are fully hidden in the bra and the lack of cleavage isn’t particularly noticeable.
  5. Skirts – Probably the biggest mistake I’ve seen or heard of a is a Transsexual wearing a miniskirt, 3-4″ stilleto’s while shopping.. but while, even when going out, that is definitely on the extreme end, skirts are definitely fine in the wardrobe. But keep them at least mid-low thigh in length at a minimal. Knee length for work or similar, and wear appropriate tights. I have a mix of skirts including a couple of denims, a corduroy and various other ones, and they do get worn in all occasions but with care. The biggest balancing act I think is mixing them with footwear – ballet shoes are a great go-to, as are Mary-Janes, or low heels. Ankle boots can work, but knee length can be tough to balance.

I think that just covers the basics, I was going to do some photos of outfits but that will have to wait till next week as today has been a bit mental. But I hope these basic tips help someone out 🙂


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