Week 8 Day 2 – Moving on up.. more piercings.. kids.. and microboobs.

Published April 15, 2014 by Katier Scott

Well the life of the Hormonal Woman sure isn’t slowing down.. but neither is the life of my friends. One of my best friends, and flat mate, is busily packing as I type this because she has a fantastic job opportunity in Scotland so is doing a month trial prior to moving there permanently if everything goes to plan.

I’m so pleased for her as she has worked so hard, and is the consummate professional, in all she does especially in her professional work.

Last week I mentioned piercings and I’m now up to 11 as my intended Tragus piercing turned into a double Tragus. I’d not even considered a double which shows why going to a top quality piercer is so worth while. I love the balance my piercings have and when the Rooks are healed enough to change the jewellery then they will have double concentric, seamless, rings. Should look really pretty when it’s all done.

My new job went really well in it’s first week and alongside my flat mate, I bumped into another friend in town the other day who told me she had god a new job – so new jobs seem flavour of the month. Just need my other flat mate to get a bit of luck and get the job he deserves.

On the transition front it’s a little bit of more of the same, my boobs are definitely growing and skin softer but nothing more I’ve noticed. At the weekend I met up with lots of family and some old family friends to celebrate my parents 70th’s (they were born 7 months apart) and had a fantastic time.

Funniest bit was waving and smiling across the room at an old family friend who looked at me and I could see her brain whirring into action before she worked out who I was. She knew I was transitioning and there was far from any problem, but of course I looked different with makeup, a nice dress and long hair, so it took her a moment to realise who I was.

Was fantastic to meet up with the old family friends as many I’d not seen for possibly as much as 5-10 years but they were all completely accepting and we just chatted and caught up. They were interested in the transition of course but purely from a curiosity and learning point of view – which is fine by me!!

The second moment that made me smile was my lovely eldest Niece who, back in January when visiting my sister and her family, apparently asked my sister whether I was a ‘man or a woman’. The Neice is 5 years old and obviously the confusion is understandable, but fair play to my sister she didn’t sugar coat it and simply said “She was a man but is now a woman”.. from that moment on she simply refers to me in the female context.

Which caused a moment of confusion during a casual conversation at the dinner table because my family do still often use the wrong pronouns – which doesn’t bother me because it takes time and they are doing it out of forgetfulness and habit NOT out of lack of acceptance.

My mum said ‘He’ referring to me and my Neice (I’m keeping this blog anonymous for everyone you might notice) was clearly confused because she thought mum was referring to me.. but I’m a ‘she’ to her – mum bless her corrected herself..

But the purpose of this story is the proof that of all people kids, especially young ones, are very accepting and as such if your reading this blog and are in the situation of interacting with a trans person, say in a school environment, don’t worry – your kids will be fine, they just see people as what they are told they are and that’s the end of that.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a number of 4-9 year old children in different situations and to a person they just accepted and treated me the same as all the other adults, and indeed generally got on with me so well as an adult who taught them interesting arts and crafts that they were disappointed when I left and asked when I’d be back.

Speaking of GIC’s I’ve now switched from Charing Cross to Sheffield and have my next appointment next month – around 5 months after my previous appointment. Considering Charing Cross’s normal appointment ‘gap’ is 6 months, and in 5 months I’ve changed clinics AND got an appointment.. that’s rather pleasing to say the least.

I managed to get the change because Sheffield omitted to take me off their waiting lists and by the time I reached the head of the queue I was lucky that the funding rules have changed. As such I was able to make the change with no fuss, and it is in theory a change anyone else can make – although most clinics have long waiting times – Sheffield is around 2 years, Charing Cross and Leeds, around a year to 18 months.. etc.

If you are on the queue to one GIC and they are giving you a years wait, however, I’d highly recommend phoning the GIC’s and see if you have a better option as by switching to one which is currently running shorter waiting times will help balance the patient base in the long term.


One comment on “Week 8 Day 2 – Moving on up.. more piercings.. kids.. and microboobs.

  • I have to admit, it is really nice slowly watching you blossom from afar. Sorry I took a step back, but it had it’s intended purpose and now youre all womanly and stuff. The pics of you in a dress are amazing. Keep it up xx

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