Week 9 Day 2 : Late Again

Published April 22, 2014 by Katier Scott

I have a good excuse for being late though as I’ve just spent the last 6 days in a field and got back, very tired, but happy, yesterday. 

I attended the my first LARP event of the year and had a fantastic time both crewing the event and playing in character. The event I attend is the Empire LARP run by Profound Decisions and after lacking ‘keen’ prior to the event, I definitely have it now. Next event in 5 weeks and I can’t wait!!

I’m obviously in the fortunate position of having a slow, but fairly smooth, transition so far, and appreciate many people struggling with Gender Dysphoria are not so fortunate. Indeed, I’ve probably said it before, I hope this blog helps those less fortunate. However piece of advice I think is essential is that above all else you can’t let Gender Dysphoria rule your lives.

Transsexuals are above all else human beings who have a ‘condition’ that can effect their confidence and mental stability, but if they worry about it then they only make it worse. As with people suffering from a huge range of conditions such as mental and physical disabilities, we are in a situation that, frustrating as it is, should not stop us getting on with our lives.

Not just that but we have to be patient, everyone who requires the services of a doctor or other health specialist has to be patient, even people with life threatening conditions can find themselves with delayed surgery or treatment when someone with a worse condition has to take their slot.

However ultimately the biggest difference between most people and Transgendered people is we can start the treatment process ourselves. Anyone who is 100% clear in their mind that they are living in the wrong gender can, and should, start living in the correct role as soon as possible. It should make your own life more manageable as you are more comfortable with your appearance (although I am fully aware I hate looking at myself in the mirror until I have my hair sorted, have shaved, and put make-up on) and beneficially it helps with the diagnosis when you see the Gender Clinic.

It took me two appointments with the GIC to get my hormones prescribed, that is the absolute quickest that it is possible to so as all steps of any medical treatment which can’t be provided purely on factual analysis (i.e. blood tests, x-rays etc.) requires the separate referral of two specialists. Other examples of such things would be any plastic surgery done on the NHS – e.g. a boob job, tummy tuck etc. . 

If I had arrived at the GIC with zero time in role I certainly wouldn’t be in the position I am now, in other words be pro-active and it’ll help you a LOT. Not only will you be making progress mentally, but you’ll be making things easier once you get to the GIC.

Next step in my own treatment will be next week as I’m having my blood test on Friday and then seeing the GP the following Weds. That meeting will hopefully double my hormone intake if everything goes to plan. 




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