Week 10, Day 1 – Breast buds and catching up.

Published April 28, 2014 by Katier Scott

So the hormones are definitely starting to have a noticeable effect, as I’ve said for a couple of weeks not I have noticeable soreness on my chest but over the last week I have definite breast growth. Very small so far, although I do feel that it’s noticeable on the photographs I took for the project.

I am, by nature, hugely curious, so I wondered why a natural process like breast growth, and let’s not forget that even for trans women it is, still, essentially a natural process, was so sore. I didn’t get to the bottom of the answer, but it did answer something that I had noticed and assumed was natural. When breast growth starts it starts with a ‘bud’ behind the nipple. 

This lump is soreness and is, apparently, known as a breast bud and it’s presumably all of the milk producing elements of the breat compacted into a tiny space. It is this stretching and developing that causes the soreness, I believe.

On a different note my blog has caused me to catch up with friends who I hadn’t spoken to in a while, which is a lovely, if unintentional aspect of this project.

I’ve also, this week, had my first bloods done. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday and if that goes well I will be doubled on my dosage from 2mg to 4mg. How this will effect the progress will be interesting to see, apparently the staged approach is deliberate for a number of reasons. One is a safety net, as HRT can cause health issues and 2mg is seen as a safe dose that will allow any problems to be spotted before they cause harm. Moving to 4mg should get the Estreogen up toward a natural level although, I believe, 6 or 8mg is a likely target. The second is, apparently, the staged increase has the effect of promoting better feminisation effects. 

What I am, however, struggling to do is think of things to put in without repeating too much so please, if think there is a transition related question you have, please ask :).


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