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Week 14.. Day 3.. Ooops I’m a bit late!!!

Published May 28, 2014 by Katier Scott

Missed a week and a bit but better late than never!!

Life is still crazy and insane but I’m alive and well here :). Boobs are growing noticeably which is awesome and definitely feeling very comfortable and happy right now. I can’t believe how fast this year has flown so far, got my next GIC appointment next week which has crept up on me without realising. 

Really can’t think of much to talk about, I’m not feeling great right now with a bit of a cold and for some reason that’s not helping my brain think. Couple that with an injury from a Motorcycle accident last week and I’m not exactly ship-shape.. but the important thing is the bike is just a little grazed and I’m just a little battered. Even if there is a fair bit of cussing at the moment whenever I raise my left arm – I landed on it when I crashed and think I yanked it upwards – off to Doc’s asap to check it out.

Had a great LARP weekend despite horrible weather, working and playing at Empire is just one of the most amazing experiences with a fantastic crew and equally great players. 8 weeks to the next one and I can’t wait!!

The photo project is still going well, I haven’t missed a week which I’m pleased with 🙂

See you all in a few days for a more comprehensive update!!


Week 12 – Day 1 – Normality?!!!?!

Published May 12, 2014 by Katier Scott

It’s wierd but a word I hate I think sums up very well where I feel I am with life.. I’m just a ‘normal’ lady getting on with life. I have a good job, decent employer, good friends and few pressures. 

I’m not complacent, I know things can change, and in the past for me things do change – often and unexpectedly, but for now I’ll enjoy things for as long as I can. Had a good weekend too, got my motorbike upgraded with a rack and top box which will be a godsend when I go on holiday, and means I don’t have to carry a rucksack whenever I go out on the bike.

Highlight was catching up with two of my kids as they live with their mum near the bike shop I use, and it was nice to talk to them and do a few things with them. I really appreciate what my ex has gone through over the years and I’m so proud of my kids right now. Daughter has almost finished Uni, my eldest son has a good job in computers while my youngest son is studying at college. Ironically it looks like he will also being going into a career in computers – a field I abandoned almost a decade a go due to job insecurity.

I’d like to get back into IT but only in the Education sector as I feel that is the most stable sector at the moment and, more importantly, their IT departments don’t have the pressures that a small private commercial company does.

I think all this highlights the benefits hormones have had on me – they have taken away the frustrations of waiting and mean I can totally concentrate on life. I’m not worrying or getting frustrated with my transition, and although I’ll still have to wait for things and challenges to overcome but without them life would be boring – and more importantly I’m making progress.

Week 11 Day 2 – Quiet week..

Published May 6, 2014 by Katier Scott

Main news this week is the result of my blood tests. I have now had my Oestrogen dosage doubled to 4mg a day and my levels were a positive 175 on the 2mg. Target is 400-600 so the GP and I both expect me to end up on around 6mg, although that is of course by no means guaranteed.

All these blood tests do mean I’m starting to get used to injections although I far from like them – which surprised me given the number of piercings I’ve had!!

I’m still surprising myself by just how small things like boobs (and they ARE small) can constantly make me smile!! Amazing things these tiny little tablets!!

Work was a bit mental and I had a crazy weekend but even that hasn’t stopped me smiling, even accidentally missing my counselling appointment doesn’t seem to matter as I’m in a happy place right now. I don’t expect it to last, no-one stays happy for ever, but it’s definitely nice to be able to relax and not worry to much.

Even the fact my next GIC appointment has been put back ‘due to unforeseen reasons’ hasn’t overly put a damper on things as the fact my body is making progress just  is keeping me going. I wonder if I’ll be able to wear a bikini top this summer!!

Anyway this is turning into one of my shortest posts as I’m out of things to write about. 

The project is still on track and I’ve managed to photograph myself every week so that’s looking positive, and sometime soon I plan on a shot with a tight t-shirt on to show the comparison between the first shot I took (when I had a very male body shape) to now where I’m very concious I have boobs and thus technically any shot I take is NSFW.