Week 11 Day 2 – Quiet week..

Published May 6, 2014 by Katier Scott

Main news this week is the result of my blood tests. I have now had my Oestrogen dosage doubled to 4mg a day and my levels were a positive 175 on the 2mg. Target is 400-600 so the GP and I both expect me to end up on around 6mg, although that is of course by no means guaranteed.

All these blood tests do mean I’m starting to get used to injections although I far from like them – which surprised me given the number of piercings I’ve had!!

I’m still surprising myself by just how small things like boobs (and they ARE small) can constantly make me smile!! Amazing things these tiny little tablets!!

Work was a bit mental and I had a crazy weekend but even that hasn’t stopped me smiling, even accidentally missing my counselling appointment doesn’t seem to matter as I’m in a happy place right now. I don’t expect it to last, no-one stays happy for ever, but it’s definitely nice to be able to relax and not worry to much.

Even the fact my next GIC appointment has been put back ‘due to unforeseen reasons’ hasn’t overly put a damper on things as the fact my body is making progress just  is keeping me going. I wonder if I’ll be able to wear a bikini top this summer!!

Anyway this is turning into one of my shortest posts as I’m out of things to write about. 

The project is still on track and I’ve managed to photograph myself every week so that’s looking positive, and sometime soon I plan on a shot with a tight t-shirt on to show the comparison between the first shot I took (when I had a very male body shape) to now where I’m very concious I have boobs and thus technically any shot I take is NSFW. 


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