Week 14.. Day 3.. Ooops I’m a bit late!!!

Published May 28, 2014 by Katier Scott

Missed a week and a bit but better late than never!!

Life is still crazy and insane but I’m alive and well here :). Boobs are growing noticeably which is awesome and definitely feeling very comfortable and happy right now. I can’t believe how fast this year has flown so far, got my next GIC appointment next week which has crept up on me without realising. 

Really can’t think of much to talk about, I’m not feeling great right now with a bit of a cold and for some reason that’s not helping my brain think. Couple that with an injury from a Motorcycle accident last week and I’m not exactly ship-shape.. but the important thing is the bike is just a little grazed and I’m just a little battered. Even if there is a fair bit of cussing at the moment whenever I raise my left arm – I landed on it when I crashed and think I yanked it upwards – off to Doc’s asap to check it out.

Had a great LARP weekend despite horrible weather, working and playing at Empire is just one of the most amazing experiences with a fantastic crew and equally great players. 8 weeks to the next one and I can’t wait!!

The photo project is still going well, I haven’t missed a week which I’m pleased with 🙂

See you all in a few days for a more comprehensive update!!


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