Week 15 – Day 1 – On time!!!

Published June 2, 2014 by Katier Scott

Yey back on time this week although still coming to the point of struggling what to ramble on about!!

I will be doing a VLog soon and indeed have plans to mess about with a gaming related youtube channel which, given my male sounding voice, is going to be interesting to say the least! Speaking of youtube my channel link will change as I couldn’t remember the details for the account I setup or even the email address used, hardly useful when someone re-installs windows on their pc. 

This week is my next appointment to a GIC where I hope to start moving on with some other areas of my treatment that have stalled somewhat or not been started yet. 

The main areas I hope to discuss are hair removal – both body and facial. Shaving regularly can be annoying and a lot of the early hair related perceptions I have decided are wishful thinking.

Final Surgery – at this stage they are likely to be just early discussions but want to keep the ball rolling so will be bringing it up.

Voice therapy – this is the fairly big one for me, I’m regularly on the phone for work and it would be nice to have a more female sounding voice so I don’t get mis-gendered so often. 

So rather than being a post about this week, it’s more about moving forward and seeing what the next steps of this crazy journey will bring!!


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