Week 16 Day 2 – New GIC!!

Published June 10, 2014 by Katier Scott

Had my first appointment yesterday at my new GIC as I have moved from Charing Cross to Porterbrook in Sheffield. First impressions were interesting because on the face of it Charing Cross is a much nicer clinic as the surroundings are, believe it or not, actually nicer at CHX. However it’s not about the surrounding, it’s about the personnel, and so far I’ve overall been pleased with Sheffield.

The biggest difference between the two is the support staff I believe, they seem a lot more interactive and helpful than Charing Cross and, of course, they have a reputation of 3 months between appointments, CHX has typically at least double that.

So how did the appointment go?

I think the outcome was good, however it was all a bit rushed. I had problems getting to Sheffield due to torrential rain on the run from Derby up to the city and had sat nav issues both of which conspired to make me 20 minutes late. I then had to get changed out of very wet biker gear so we didn’t start until nearly 30 minutes late. 

The consultant was nice, although communication was a little tricky due to him not being a native English speaker, and he insisted on typing his notes 2 finger style – both of which made the consultation more than a little fragmented.

However the outcome I believe is that he’s putting me in for Voice therapy, happy for me to continue on hormones, and happy for me to look at T-blockers. I’m not clear if he was happy to recommend me for surgery which is a shame but it seemed a positive meeting to all good.

Unlike CHX, Sheffield sort the appointments once the patient has left so I don’t know what my next appointment will be or when. It also looks like normally Sheffield would sort hormone prescriptions themselves, whereas CHX brief the GP and then the GP actually monitors. He wanted to put a appointment in to ensure I got a fresh prescription, however my GP has a plan which I believe she is happy to stick to and therefore the plan is to get blood tests done at GP, send the results to Sheffield, and get them to brief my GP on the T-blockers while continuing the Estrogen regime unaltered.

So that’s it for this week, I’ve now got myself a little challenge, I’m going to start a new gaming channel on youtube so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.


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