Week 18 Day 2 – Videos and socialising!!

Published June 24, 2014 by Katier Scott

Been enjoying the weather this week, although no time for sunbathing. I’ve entered a local race for life so, as I tend to be a competitive type, started practicing for it last weekend with a Park Run. 3 miles in 24mins plus wasn’t bad at all, especially given I had trouble with my new trainers.

Unfortunately my calves didn’t like it (and yes I did stretch) and hoping they calm down soon so I can do some more running.

I’d planned on doing the Race for Life with one of my best friends but unfortunately it didn’t happen as she got a brilliant new job and moved away. However inspired by watching newer friends take part in one I can’t wait till next year!

As you can see I’ve attached a video from my new channel, it’ll largely be run separately to this blog but hope that it’ll inspire people to just have a go. I’m not a fan of my voice but one viewer says I have a ‘radio voice’ whatever that means!!

Looking forward to July, work is going to be hard with some potentially long days, but weekends have lots planned including stewarding, a wwI event and more Larping!!

Transition wise things are ticking over nicely, next blood tests are mid July, then docs appointment a week later. The blood test results will then need to be sent to Porterbook where they, hopefully, will put me on Testosterone blockers as at the last test my T was largely unaffected.


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