Week 20 Day 2 – Wow I’m still going!!!

Published July 8, 2014 by Katier Scott

Pretty shocked that I’ve managed to keep this going but also pleased that I have. We’re rapidly approaching the halfway point in this project and while I am enjoying it, I am a little disappointed it’s not picked up more followers.

But that said I really don’t know how quickly these kinds of blogs can pick-up followers but with 32 weeks left I’d like a few more.

Life is getting really hectic and I’m facing weekend after weekend where I feel like I never stop!! Saturday I did another Park Run, and like my Race for Life the week before, made it to the end non-stop.. and without any chest pain..

There’s a story to that last statement, last summer I was doing 3 mile runs and started getting chest pain/discomfort. The end result of which saw me in hospital with a suspected heart attack – fortunately everything was ok.

Anyway back to this week; Highlight must be my debut at an Open Mic, I was frustrated by my performance although a couple of reputable musicians have told me it wasn’t ‘that’ bad. The main issue was timing which was a consquence of a bit of a rushed performance and my in-experience. But I definitely enjoyed it and am looking forward to a friend coming back from his holidays to perform with him.

I’ve also got an offer to work with another guitarist which is really cool and must get in touch with him and see what we can come up with.

Last weekend I also picked up a ‘new’ (well second hand) camera or two. A Pentax K100D to replace my stolen K200D, it’s a downgrade by the sensor on the K100 is actually very nice. It’s only 6mp but is still capable of excellent pictures. I also bought an interchangeable sensor camera… also known as a Pentax ME Super film camera and the pair will form the first stage of another pair of photo projects.

Anything to keep a busy girl.. busier!!

So that leaves me with 3 photo projects to work on.

50-at-50 – This was originally a kickstarter project and the plan is to show the flexibility of a cheap, simple lens, when it comes to image taking. I chose the 50mm lens for this project as this was the classic film camera lens and can be available cheaply for any modern DSLR.

Film vs Digital – This project is a semi-scientific approach to trying to settle the argument about which is better. Now Digital is better than Film in many ways, it’s more flexible due to being able to change ISO on the fly, it’s essentially cheaper, although I picked up with ME Super for £5 so it would be several hundred images before it’s cost the same as a modern DSLR. Film before printing costs around £10 for 36 images. The real argument is image quality and I have various plans to test this theory.. watch this space!!

Transvoyage – Last but not least is this project, 20 images down, 32 to go and my boobs are noticeable but not prominant. Body shape hasn’t changed much and I think I’m being hampered by too much testosterone which hopefully will be sorted in a few weeks.

Overall though I have a life which is simply utterly crazy right now and feels like it’s running at volume level 11 and Mach 3.0!!


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