Week 21 Day 2 – Ok late again!!

Published July 15, 2014 by Katier Scott

Wow this year just gets busier and busier!!

Last weekend I ‘lost’ my only empty weekend to a Sunday spent being a Motorracing Marshall at Donnington Park race track. I got the chance to do it as part of a taster day and had a fantastic time.. so enjoyable that I’m doing it all again next weekend.

Probably the highlight from a trans point of view was up in the Stewards office while being shown around when the Chief stewards said “Thank you gentlemen and (with eyes fixed on me) Lady.. oh Ladies (as he spotted the other lady in the group)”

Yep despite getting up at silly-O-clock I passed halfway through the day when looking decidedly ropey!!

Indeed I didn’t have a single instance of misgendering which is great and shows that the biggest thing you need to do is simply ‘look right’. Dress the same as all the other girls and you’ll be fine – I even spent some of the time (well most) wearing a Cap and no wig and when I wore my wig I didn’t hide when putting it on – I’m a biker so it’s a pain with taking helmet off and hair on!!

I even wore the cap down to my local shop as I needed some milk and couldn’t be bothered to mess with my hair!!

I can’t believe I’m rapidly approaching 6 months!! I’ve got 2 weeks left of current dose of hormones and hope to be going up another dose level next week. I’m slightly behind on hormones as I switched to the higher dose prior to the end of 3 months.


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