Week 22 Day 3 : In the middle of a field.

Published July 23, 2014 by Katier Scott

My crazy busy live is running at non-stop at the moment with the lack of free weekends, busy weekdays and lots of things on all the time. So much so that I’ve been reduced to making posts in the middle of a field in Northamptonshire, two days late!!

The good news is that, that means I can actually do some ‘work’ stuff while in said field as I’ve finally sorted 3G access out. I was with Vodafone who’s service has generally been fine, however it just so happens that this field is in a 3G blindspot. Fortunately it’s not in a ‘3’ 3G blindspot and thus I am writing this via a mi-fi adapter connected to 3 – problem solved.

This has also enabled me to take the plunge and apply for a new position in a different University – as I forgot to do it when at home. Oh yeah.. me and my memory – turns out my Dyslexia does effect my day-to-day life more than I realised or was willing to admit.

This came to light during a secondment at work which resulted in me getting up to speed at a rate which proved too slow. While it might not have all been caused by Dyslexia, being able to ‘tie’ Dyslexia with the problems I was having enabled me to focus on solving the problem rather than get frustrated with struggling and failing to get enough things right.

On the transition front my boobs are definitely growing which is great, I don’t expect anything spectacular but making reasonable progress this early is great.

I’ve also hit the target for Estrogen on 4mg which is great, I’m not sure what my T levels are so we still need to figure out if I need blockers.

I have my next Sheffield appointment on Monday which surprised me as it’s only 2 months since the last one but I’m not complaining 😀 – just more busy-ness for a busy girls life!!


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