Week 23 – Day 2 – Full speed ahead!!

Published July 29, 2014 by Katier Scott

Boy is my life running at full speed still.. I’ve just got back from an awesome weekend at Empire LARPing with probably LARP’s best crew. Then on Monday I headed to Sheffield to the Gender Clinic for my latest appointment. The appointment seemed to go well and although progress hasn’t been confirmed the fact appointments are at a much more sensible timescale means I’m happy to be patient.

I got my latest blood test results and was surprised that my estrogen level has hit the target levels. They were 539 which is pretty much smack on target with the target range of 400-600. That means for now I’m sitting on 4mg per day hormones which is no bad thing. My Testosterone is still high (although lower than before) so one thing I’m working with Sheffield on is getting onto T-blockers.

Further positive news is the fact that a friend told me she felt my hair is thickening up, I’m not convinced of it myself but then I see it daily – she see’s it infrequently – so she may well be right.

I suspect my body shape is changing too – although that’s for this project to decide πŸ˜‰ – but I did get a surprise during my LARPing weekend when I was properly gendered in a spontanious bit of RP. That’s a big thing because accidental misgendering within LARP is not uncommon so when people get it right it’s rather nice :).

Next weekend is motorsport marshalling, followed by either more marshaling or possibly more roleplay.. or just a lazy weekend before more busy weekends at the end of the month.

Overall I definitely can’t complain and am definitely enjoying life – see you all next week!! πŸ™‚


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