Week 24 – Day 3 – Late and Boobs

Published August 6, 2014 by Katier Scott

I thought I’d post a quick show of progress so far. I wanted to keep it work safe so no topless I’m afraid perves!!

Boobs (1 of 1)

As you can see my boobs are definitely noticeable.

Now this one is probably the scariest photo I’ve ever published. As you can see I’m receding and as such not sure if I’ll keep this one up.. as I really don’t like comparing without hair. BUT there is a purpose I wanted to show whether my hair had improved over the 6 months on hormones. A friend of mine felt it had, but I’m not so sure!!



2 comments on “Week 24 – Day 3 – Late and Boobs

  • My wife has a slight receding problem, but her new hair stylist is doing a good job minimizing it. I wish you well. i was not sure what the topless remark was about. I managed many offices and a few gals preferred braless for comfort. That did it with good taste.

    • The topless remark is because the overall project IS topless – the idea being to show the changes hormones have on a body over the course of the year.

      Thankyou for the nice comment 🙂

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