Week 26 Day 1 – Halfway Through!!

Published August 18, 2014 by Katier Scott

I can’t believe it but I’m halfway through this crazy ass project!!

I started it 6 months ago when starting hormones and believe my dad when he didn’t expect me to keep it going. But I have, I’ve been late on the odd week and occasionally struggled a bit with motivation to keep going.. but I’ve done it – I’ve made the half way point!

I’ve recently gained quite a few new readers which is great so thankyou to everyone who’s shown interest. For those who may have just picked up on a random post but not read the entire project – this blog is supporting an intended book project documenting the changes that hormones are having on my body. 

The blog is intended as random wafflings in the hope it gains interest in the project and ultimately helps people understand being transsexual and you never know.. maybe even sell some books!!

This weekend I spent at my parents and had a really chilled weekend before the utter craziness that will happen next weekend where I’m doing marshaling on Saturday and Monday, sandwiched with working on Sunday and going to a small music festival.

So yep my busy crazy lifestyle has not changed a single bit and it’s still moving at 110% which I’m enjoying immensely although by the middle of September it’s likely to taper off as a lot of my current activities are definitely summer based. But my music side will continue to develop and I’m sure I’ll figure something to keep me busy!!

If anyone has any questions, comments or feedback please shout up and I hope your enjoying this little project of mine. 

See you next week!!


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