Week 27, Day 2: Needing a day off!

Published August 26, 2014 by Katier Scott

This weeks blog is a day late as I spent yesterday at Oulton Park as a Marshal for the Gold Cup. What an amazing event, despite the weather, with a wide variety of cars on track. The highlights for me were seeing double BTCC champion, John Cleland, racing in the super tourers in a car he raced back in BTCC days, seeing him come full chat over the crest at Druids was amazing. But I think that was eclipsed by the penultimate race which featured F5000 cars going full chat in the rain – the noise bouncing off the tree’s at Warwick bridge was amazing and the two lead cars just looked crazy as they barrelled down the undulating straight flat out at well over 100mph through the spray – unforgettable sight!!

Transition wise things are ticking along, boobs are slooowly growing and still remind me of it everytime I go to bed – yep I still sleep on my front; or at least try to!!

I’ve got my latest appointment at Sheffield which highlights just how good they are once in the system compared to Charing Cross. At Charing Cross I had 2 appointments seperated by over 6 months, Sheffields appointment in late September is less than 4 months after the first in very early June!!

September is still looking fairly busy although I’m having next weekend off as I need it after such a bonkers July and August. Might give me a chance to put some serious guitar practice in :).






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