Week 28, Day 2 – Not stressed.. for some reason!

Published September 2, 2014 by Katier Scott

*Just inside day 2 of this week and still plodding on. 

Right now I’m in a weird place, overall this year has been fantastic but September is shaping up to be less than ideal yet I’m not particularly stressed. For nearly two years I’ve been working hard on trying to get promotion at work and on many occasions someone else has just pipped me to the post. This happened again last Friday yet amazingly I was quite chilled about it. 

I have another interview lined up which I’m really hoping will turn into success as I really need the finances as my flat mate is moving out which means September isn’t exactly a clean run when it comes to money.

I’m keeping busy, however, and am working on my youtube channel to keep myself busy, alongside a healthy social life and marshalling on weekends.  

Transition wise I have my latest appointment at the end of this month and am hoping to make progress regarding planning surgery sooner rather than later.

So as I’m running out of things to say off my own back, I really could do with some questions, comments or people asking advice. 


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