Week 30 – Day 2 – This is a short year!!

Published September 16, 2014 by Katier Scott

I really can’t believe it’s week 30 of this crazy project AND that I’ve kept it going. I know I say that a lot but I’ve never managed to keep something like this going for so long.

I had an amazing weekend at LARP although I was probably the most worn out ever at the end of it. I pulled 30+ hours of crew work and full days of roleplay and enjoyed it all.. but boy was it tough.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the event, however, was related to a conversation I had with one of the LARPers about transition and this blog. Up to now the blog has had content either general in nature or from my point of view, which of course is the view of a transwoman.

Roughly 50% of all transsexual’s/gender dysphoric’s are transmen and they will face different problems and challenges. I imagine, although this is only a guess, for example they suffer the same ‘misgendering’ transwomen get BUT for a different reason. People probably just assume they are tomboy’s and thus female.

As such I intend to have a natter with a male friend and find out the challenges he is faced with, with a view to doing a post or two about the FtM side of transitioning  as it’s rightly important to me that this blog helps everyone.

Perhaps the highlight progress wise for me was going bra-less. I felt I had enough boob that I could go without a bra and fill out my kit (which works better without a bra) enough to work properly and look right. Was a right confidence boost as it felt right although I did keep checking for wardrobe malfunctions!!!

Anyway next week sees another job interview, two visits to hospitals and then interviews and blood tests the week after.. I’m busy.. yey me!!


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