Week 31 Day 2 – Fighting hard on the job front.

Published September 24, 2014 by Katier Scott

Well had the first of 3 interviews last week with two more lined up, one this week and one next. Unfortunately I failed to get the first job, which was effectively my ‘backup’ choice but I’m feeling surprisingly confident about the remaining two.

I’ll try not to be over confident but I think that failure gave me a huge kick that I needed to get my head in gear and refocused. I think I got a mix of over-confident and too focused on previous failures causing me to loose focus on the job in hand. The two roles that are left I see as interesting, exciting and great experience that play to my strengths. The second came as a surprise as the grade of the post is quite high but I know I have the skills for the job so will be doing everything I can to focus on the interview and aim for success.

The third interview has meant I’ve re-scheduled a GIC appointment but I think it’s reflective of where my mind and how good Sheffield Gender Clinic is that I was happy to reschedule and able to delay things by barely 4 weeks – most GIC’s in the UK couldn’t have done that!!

I have another blood test at the end of this week to check hormone levels, hopefully there won’t be any changes. I still need to get testosterone blockers sorted but that has been delayed by the GIC appointment but currently moving career is more important as the stress in my life is coming more from money than the GIC progression – simply because I’m comfortable with Sheffield and that we’ll get to where I need to be with my transition in a respectable time-frame.

If I was still at Charing Cross I wouldn’t be nearly so comfortable so that good.

Anyway my life is still crazy as ever, I have a new flat mate and busy most weekends with marshaling which I’m really enjoying. Hopefully have good news next week – it’s about time I moved on with my career.


One comment on “Week 31 Day 2 – Fighting hard on the job front.

  • Keep the confidence going, from my experience as a HR professional it is so important to be confident within interviews. Recruiters can tell the difference between a confident candidate and one who isn’t so candidate. Stay positive and I think it will work out for you!

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