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Week 36 – Day 2 : A pretty good year.

Published October 29, 2014 by Katier Scott

2013 was at times a year from hell, it started with one of the only times I can say definitively I’ve suffered from depression, and improved noticeably in the second half, but that proved to be a run-up into 2014 which has been a pretty amazing year.

While it’s had it’s up’s and downs, I’ve started some amazing hobbies, made some new friends and am definitely as happy as I’ve ever been in my life. November is proving to be interesting too and the next two weeks could be either a brilliant highlight, or a bit of a frustrating end to the year.

I have my third and fourth appointments at Porterbrook which hopefully will, at the very least, sort out getting testosterone blockers. I’m also hoping it’ll result in the first step towards surgery. The way Porterbrook appears to work is a requirement for 4 appointments, 2 with a clinician and 2 with a psychologist type person before they made decisions, which normally would be frustrating given I’d already started my path with Charing Cross, but this fourth appointment is only 9 months since I left Charing Cross and barely 6 months since my first at Sheffield.

Hence it’s pretty good timescales and that’s the big bonus about going to Sheffield – they give you decently spread appointments. We’ll see how the outcome goes.

Don’t have much else to talk about this week, hopefully there will be some nice news in the next few weeks though so until next week I’ll leave you with this shortish post.


Week 35 – Day 3 : Hormones, Compounds and Music

Published October 22, 2014 by Katier Scott

A few weeks ago some of you will remember I got into discussions with my GP about the time between taking my Hormones and the blood test. We didn’t manage to nail a definitive answer, although we both agreed that ‘straight after taking them’ wasn’t a good idea. Someone replied with their own experiences although my GP and my Dad, who was a Biochemist by trade, both say no need to split them across the day. Therefore I will be taking them then blood test 2-4 hours later, which hopefully will give a more accurate reading.

Speaking of accuracy it turns out the hormones I was on, while perfectly good for the Eostrogen side of things, wheren’t so hot when it came to accurate bloody analysis. I was on estradiol hemihydrate, however my GP found out that oestradiol valerate is actually a better tablet to be on as it works better with the techniques used to do the Assay in the labs.

I haven’t switched yet due to funds not allowing it, but once I have the cash for the script I will be swapping.

So that’s the Hormones and compounds bit sorted, the other is music. I LOVE music, I write songs and have even performed at open mics, however I’m not very good. Unlike a young lady called Lindsey Stirling who I found today. While listening to her songs I came across this song :-

That message is EXACTLY the types of messages I’ve been working on with this project, as a side to the actual project which lets not forget is a book which I hope to sell, is to provide inspiration to transpeople and information to non-transpeople.

Anyway I hope you loved the song above and are duly inspired.

Week 34 – Day 4 : Video nightmare!!

Published October 16, 2014 by Katier Scott

This weeks is late because of a bit of a nightmare I’ve been having sorting a Youtube Video which I wanted to use this week. I finally got it finished this morning and am literally posting this as it processes, so those who read this quickly will get it in lower quality – if at all!! The purpose of the video, and relevance to this blog, is the fact it’s me being myself. Simple as that, and as I mention in the video I think a ‘trap’ many transsexuals fall into is not just ‘getting on with life’. I do fall into that trap a little.. I won’t for instance go swimming.. but even that’s something I have a plan to get round and just need to sort a suitable swimming costume!! The technical problems I faced were to do with the length of the video. It seems windows movie maker struggles once the finished video is around 4 gig in size, so I had to cut the race up a bit so it fitted. Not a problem as it’s background viewing for the commentary but I must have rendered this video 5 times – each time taking a couple of hours – before I finally got a version that remotely works!

Week 33 Day 2 – Do I have any blood left!!!

Published October 7, 2014 by Katier Scott

The last couple of weeks have had my arms starting to look like I’m a drug taker!!! Well ok I am.. but only Hormones 🙂

After a scare a year ago my Doctor has been monitoring my blood for purposes other than the Hormones which meant that in the last week I’ve had two blood tests and have another coming up. The one coming up is the one pertinent to this post and if anyone can answer the question it’ll be interesting to know.

When I did my latest Hormones check bloodtest I deliberately had the test about 24 hours after my last taking of tablets. It came out at 80, while the previous reading, on the same 4mg/day, was just over 500 but I’d taken the tablets that morning.

The Doctor actually didn’t mind my bit of deliberate shenanigans as it got her thinking about when the best time to do the tests is. After all we want the hormones to have an effect all the time and dropping to that level is less than ideal. So yep, expecting a test again soon a specific number of hours after I take the tablets to try to judge the level more accurately.

What I would like to know, however, is do any of you have your blood tests a specified time after you take your hormones?