Week 33 Day 2 – Do I have any blood left!!!

Published October 7, 2014 by Katier Scott

The last couple of weeks have had my arms starting to look like I’m a drug taker!!! Well ok I am.. but only Hormones 🙂

After a scare a year ago my Doctor has been monitoring my blood for purposes other than the Hormones which meant that in the last week I’ve had two blood tests and have another coming up. The one coming up is the one pertinent to this post and if anyone can answer the question it’ll be interesting to know.

When I did my latest Hormones check bloodtest I deliberately had the test about 24 hours after my last taking of tablets. It came out at 80, while the previous reading, on the same 4mg/day, was just over 500 but I’d taken the tablets that morning.

The Doctor actually didn’t mind my bit of deliberate shenanigans as it got her thinking about when the best time to do the tests is. After all we want the hormones to have an effect all the time and dropping to that level is less than ideal. So yep, expecting a test again soon a specific number of hours after I take the tablets to try to judge the level more accurately.

What I would like to know, however, is do any of you have your blood tests a specified time after you take your hormones?


One comment on “Week 33 Day 2 – Do I have any blood left!!!

  • Hi, I usually do my T levels blood tests no more than 1~2 hours after I wake up, and before taking my anti androgens for the morning, that is supposed to mean the highest level of T it will ever be, ie. My worst case scenario .. as for E blood levels, I didn’t manage to do this as well, but again I would do it at the same time, yet to check my worst case scenario, and it’s around 8~9 hours after my last E pill, I divide my E doses over 3 shots given the E half life is around 6 hours, that should give a more steady level of E, so, if it’s good enough then, it will be much better any other time, but hey this is just me thinking out loud .. I hope I’m making sense, because sometimes I don’t seem to make sense to myself 😀


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