Week 34 – Day 4 : Video nightmare!!

Published October 16, 2014 by Katier Scott

This weeks is late because of a bit of a nightmare I’ve been having sorting a Youtube Video which I wanted to use this week. I finally got it finished this morning and am literally posting this as it processes, so those who read this quickly will get it in lower quality – if at all!! The purpose of the video, and relevance to this blog, is the fact it’s me being myself. Simple as that, and as I mention in the video I think a ‘trap’ many transsexuals fall into is not just ‘getting on with life’. I do fall into that trap a little.. I won’t for instance go swimming.. but even that’s something I have a plan to get round and just need to sort a suitable swimming costume!! The technical problems I faced were to do with the length of the video. It seems windows movie maker struggles once the finished video is around 4 gig in size, so I had to cut the race up a bit so it fitted. Not a problem as it’s background viewing for the commentary but I must have rendered this video 5 times – each time taking a couple of hours – before I finally got a version that remotely works!


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