Week 35 – Day 3 : Hormones, Compounds and Music

Published October 22, 2014 by Katier Scott

A few weeks ago some of you will remember I got into discussions with my GP about the time between taking my Hormones and the blood test. We didn’t manage to nail a definitive answer, although we both agreed that ‘straight after taking them’ wasn’t a good idea. Someone replied with their own experiences although my GP and my Dad, who was a Biochemist by trade, both say no need to split them across the day. Therefore I will be taking them then blood test 2-4 hours later, which hopefully will give a more accurate reading.

Speaking of accuracy it turns out the hormones I was on, while perfectly good for the Eostrogen side of things, wheren’t so hot when it came to accurate bloody analysis. I was on estradiol hemihydrate, however my GP found out that oestradiol valerate is actually a better tablet to be on as it works better with the techniques used to do the Assay in the labs.

I haven’t switched yet due to funds not allowing it, but once I have the cash for the script I will be swapping.

So that’s the Hormones and compounds bit sorted, the other is music. I LOVE music, I write songs and have even performed at open mics, however I’m not very good. Unlike a young lady called Lindsey Stirling who I found today. While listening to her songs I came across this song :-

That message is EXACTLY the types of messages I’ve been working on with this project, as a side to the actual project which lets not forget is a book which I hope to sell, is to provide inspiration to transpeople and information to non-transpeople.

Anyway I hope you loved the song above and are duly inspired.


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