Week 38 – Day 2 : Down the pub!

Published November 11, 2014 by Katier Scott

Still struggling to get past the interview hurdle, another failed interview today see’s me writing this in the pub. Don’t worry folks, not getting drunk but just needed to get out…

Still there is positive news as the consultant at Sheffield, subject to a meeting with his colleagues, said yes.

That is yes to anti-t drugs, which hopefully will be a godsend as I think my t levels are definitely inhibiting the changes. I asked for tablets although wondering if I should girl-up and go for the injection.

Yes to electrolysis, although that might need some negotiations as Sheffield is still mainly geared for local patients.

The same goes for voice therapy, hopefully I can get something local after the initial appointment in Sheffield.

And provisionally yes to Surgery, apparently they won’t refer until 12 months on hormones and I need to , rather annoyingly, provide some docs, including my deed poll, which I haven’t used in years!

So some areas are looking really positive, surgery I hope to have in Brighton as I have heard good things. I also have localish family and friends.

As I write this also texting a good friend and some things she’s said are making a bit of sense. Not giving up either, already working on next job app!


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