Week 40 – Day 1 : Congratulations

Published November 24, 2014 by Katier Scott

Before I start with my usual ramble about what I have been up to I must give a HUGE congratulations to a friend of mine in the USA who has just got out of Surgery!! She’s been transitioning slightly longer than me and had a lot less support, and more problems and issues than I have, so I am so pleased for her!!

She’s just told me she’s feeling pretty good and a little sore, and has a huge smile on her face; and so do I. She’s another of my online friends who’s made it to this stage quicker than I have, and I’m pleased for everyone of them. Most of them have had a rockier journey than me, and while the op isn’t the end of the Journey it’s a step that definitely is one of the biggest.

This week I continued my crazy life of volunteering, working, and keeping busy. I helped run an exhibition at the NEC which I’ve done for 3 years now, and got my reading for the Carol Service.

I also had a meeting with a senior manager which was very positive about trying to sell myself better at interviews. His tips were very useful and I now need interviews to put the ideas into practice. I definitely have been interviewing pretty well but I think the problem has been that I’ve often given them that little bit of ammunition to allow them to say ‘no’ when having to split hairs between candidates.

I also chased up the Gender Clinic today about the letter, still waiting unfortunately, but hopefully will be sorted in the next week or so. I’ll chase them next week as I’m anxious to get on t-blockers having seen the pictures online of another lady who’s just hit 12 months and her boobs were definitely more noticeable than mine at 9. So I really think my t-levels are holding things back, although I MUST say I’m so proud of them.. they still make me smile so much!

Anyway not much to say this week, been pretty quiet. See you in a weeks time!


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