Week 41 – Day 3 : Delays and impatience..

Published December 4, 2014 by Katier Scott

For most of my treatment I’ve been pretty patient but right now I’m starting to get quite frustrated. I know the NHS isn’t exactly renowned for its promptness but up till now Sheffield has actually been pretty good. All I need form them is a letter for my T-blockers but not only is it so far conspicuous by its absence, but it’s not even certain that the consultant has even asked for the letter to be written well over 3 weeks after I visited – which is more than a little disappointing.

I really feel that the lack of T-blockers is definitely holding back my feminisation so that’s why I’m feeling a little more urgent about it. While it’s nice to have boobs, nothing else has really changed which is definitely starting to frustrate.

The rest of my life is pretty much as-is so not much to talk about really. I performed.. or is ‘croaked’ more accurate as the cold I have currently was just starting and definitely effected my voice, at an open mic on Sunday at the venue I have booked for my first gig in April – so that was cool.

Works agreed to help me with interview development although I am considering a change in career, there’s only so long you can sit in a job with no movement so I’m plotting changes for latish last year. My mum did make a good point, however, and I do need to consider my surgery as the career will definitely require training and having 3 months off in the middle probably is a bit silly!!! Fortunately it’s a career that is flexible enough to mean I should be able to delay things when a surgery date is known.

Other than that a pretty quiet week, next weds I have a docs appointment so I’ll delay the post until I’ve had the outcome of that, I’m really hoping Sheffield have an answer by then.


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