Week 43 – Day 4 : Goodbye Mr T

Published December 18, 2014 by Katier Scott

Woohooo, took them a month, but I finally got a letter from Sheffield, full of good news.

I will be on 50mg of anti-testosterone drugs hopefully as of Monday which will hopefully make life much easier as body hair should reduce and, if I am lucky, some male pattern baldness will reverse.

I don’t expect a huge return of hair, but enough for being able to go around without a wig would be awesome. I am also hoping general feminsation etc. Will increase noticeably as my body isn’t fighting the conflicting wishes of two different hormones.

The consultant also confirmed that he was referring me for voice therapy and facial hair removal as well as surgery when the time comes.

So overall a positive letter, I am seeing the gp Monday and hopefully be saying goodbye to Mr T starting on the same day.


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