Week 44 – Day 6 : Hey it’s Christmas.. I’m allowed to be late!!

Published December 27, 2014 by Katier Scott

Firstly I’d like to wish all my Subscribers, readers and friends a Happy New Year and hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. I did my usual trip to my Parents and then got caught in the snow on the way back after the English Weather was typically English and failed to follow logic!!

A 55 to 65 minute journey took over 2 hours and I arrived home soaked and freezing and most definitely enjoyed my bath!! Was definitely my worst motorbike journey and in conditions I would definitely never consider under any circumstances, unfortunately when you leave on a journey in the rain and snow hits.. your kinda up the proverbial swanny without a paddle!!

Anyway I’ve now started my T-blockers and been on them for about 3-4 days, and haven’t really noticed anything different. I obviously expect most changes to take a few weeks, but as I’ve just sent my hormones out of kilter again an emotional reaction would have been expected.

Probably the highlight this week was on Christmas day, when my Dad gave me a superb present simply by what he said. We were at an event he was helping with where my mum and others cooked Christmas Dinner for local people who would, otherwise, have spent the Day alone. Dad introduced me as ‘my daughter’ to one of the other volunteers which was fantastic. I gave him a big hug, and it highlights the most important trait needed when it comes to friends and family.. PATIENCE.

My family have always been very supportive but generally misgender a lot, but it’s a lot for them to take in, so understandable that it’ll take time. There’s never been a hint of refusal, although my kids will always see me as ‘dad’ – but in this day and age why should ‘dad’ be gendered?, simply a time of getting used to saying it. My mum self-corrected a lot over the weekend which is again something she’d not really done before, although we rarely see each other so it’s unusual for me to see her talking about me in front of me – or just referring to me in the course of normal conversation. I really do love my family and friends, I am so grateful for all the support they give me.

I also received my Decree Nici today, so in 6 weeks should be legally single again. It’s a shame the marriage didn’t work out but both of us agree that we probably made a mistake getting married in the first place. But I can’t complain, I have 3 fantastic children and am proud of them all.

Anyway that’s it for this week, next week will be the last in 2014 – a year that has had it’s ups and downs, but definitely more up and than down.


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