New Years – FAQ..

Published December 31, 2014 by Katier Scott

I’ve decided to split this weeks posts up a bit, we’ll have an official week summary one in a later post but I thought I’d start off with a bit of a FAQ. I could do this as a VLog – but times counting against that so we’ve got a text blog.

So here are a few questions about me, and transsexual issues in general – some are based on questions I have been asked, others situations I’ve been put it, turned into questions.

Q. When did you first know you were a female?

A. It was a slow realisation, started off in puberty where I wondered what it was like to be female, but wasn’t until I started using female characters online that I realised that the reason I didn’t feel comfortable as a man, was because I was a woman. I actually have gone as far as writing a song about it all, although it’s not been played yet!

Q. Do you have a partner?

A. Not officially, no, 2015 there is definitely a chance that might change and there have been people who – given a better set of circumstance – definitely could be, but at this time of writing, nope. The biggest issue for a transwoman is that lesbians and straight men both get hung up on the physical malfunction so most people who show an interest in me are men who see it as a bit of a fantasy.

Q. What’s the hardest thing being a transwoman?

A. For me it’s definitely fashion, working out how to make things work together, especially when using a lot of different items, is one hell of a challenge for me. Dating is another, of course, but really that’s about it. Most other challenges I’m certain are simply down to normal life.

Q. Are you a trans-activist?

A. Nope, not as such. I am happy to help other trans-people, hence this blog, and I definitely support the need for trans awareness, but I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to actually being active in that kind of role.

Q. What gave you the idea of this blog?

A. I did Journalism and Photography at University so am always looking for the opportunity to use those skills. When I was about to start my hormones I simply realised it was the ideal time. In order to help people, and give the curious answers, someone has to make the effort to provide the resourses, and in my case ‘put myself in the picture’.

Q. What project?

A. Wait what? You don’t know this.. ok kidding.. a lot of my blog posts are general in topic so I’m not surprised some people won’t realise it’s a photo-journalist/documentary project. I am taking one photo of me topless a week, which will then go into a book documenting the changes that hormones have in the feminisation process. Each photo will have a titbit from the corresponding week or a trans issue or fact. The book is intended to be a artistic/photojournalistic/informative piece of work.

Well that’s all folks for this blog post.


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