New Years Day – Photography and clothes.

Published January 1, 2015 by Katier Scott

So up to now you’ve not seen much in the way of photography, which I guess is a bit strange. Of course part of the reason is I want to keep the blog PG and while the book will be artistic/documentary it’s still topless. It’s in no way porn but I simply don’t to take the risk of this blog being ‘marked’ in any way.

However today I took the chance to do some self portraits. The first is a re-shoot of this first photo which I’ve shown previously in my blog.

This shot I kinda titled ‘Playing with Light’ although really it was exploring the idea of gender anonymity without a naked self portrait.

playing with light

The re-shoot deliberately hints at some boob but in general is exactly the same idea of anonymous and using the human form.

Selfies (2 of 8)

I then moved onto more general self portraits, I though it would be nice to share what I wore going out to New Years Eve and also the kinds of outfit I wear day to day.

This is my NYE outfit and is a dress from House of Fraser which was at a huge discount and bought off the back of a coat my sister bought me which sadly didn’t fit. Was a crying shame as she put a lot of effort into it but was just too small, or too big – I needed the smaller size, with the larger size arms!! Fell in love with this dress and that’s what I ended up with.

Selfies (5 of 8)

These last two are intended to show just how casual you can get and still be feminine, standard outfits I wear day to day for shopping, going to work, and even when I’m in a casual mood, or it’s just a quick one, to the pub.

I do where dresses and similar, and love them, but most of the time, like for many women, it’s Jeans for me.

Selfies (7 of 8)

Selfies (8 of 8)


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