Week 45 – Day 3 : Look back and thoughts.

Published January 1, 2015 by Katier Scott

I think the thing that highlights just how lucky I have been up till now was the very sad suicide of a young transgirl called Leelah who felt she had no chance of transitioning. Instrumental to her feelings was, not just a lack of acceptance of who she was, but worst, tried to ‘cure’ her through faith. It’s a sad story but one that should both remind us all of how lucky we can be, but more importantly will hopefully raise awareness of trans issues, especially for those who are younger where it can be easy to overlook their wishes as a ‘fad’.

17th Feb 2014 – This is when I started my Journey. Was a huge relief to start Hormones and feel like the journey was really progressing.

Week 8 – This is when I started noticing tenderness on my chest. Within a couple of weeks I was certain the Hormones were having an effect.

Week 16 – I changed my GIC, and had my first appointments with Sheffield. So far I am overall very happy with them.

Week 17 – I started a youtube channel, while it’s not been particularly successful it’s definitely been liberating and helped me show you shouldn’t let things like voice stop you doing things. My voice is still a big ‘issue’ for me, but I’m not letting it stop me.

Week 19 – I ran Race for Life in Birmingham and came 5th!!! Raised a decent some of money too, which was amazing as it was all done at short notice.

Week 21 – I started motorsport marshalling, alongside volunteering for my LARP events that meant I was a VERY busy girl over the summer.

Week 22 Onwards – Jobs and promotion were a constant item in the list and as such source of the only big frustration in 2014.

Week 24 – I did a quick progress update and even then my boobs were starting to show.

August 17th 2014 – Project was 6 months old :).

Week 29 – Was a low point as a flat mate took advantage of me and constant failure at interviews weighed heavily.

Week 32 – Was inspired by Pink Floyd as my enjoyment of music started to increase noticeably.

Week 33 – Around this time I was given a lot of blood tests and started to wonder if I’d any blood left!!

Week 35 – My GP, after a blood test related ‘fast one’ by me, realised she really needed to change my prescription. So I switched to an alternative hormone which worked better with the blood testing procedure. I was also heavily inspired by a brilliant young Pianist, Kuha Case.

Week 38 – Was the week I got ok’d for many of the future treatments I need. Was also my first post when down the pub.

Week 39 – I agreed to do a reading for the University Carol Service – it was a huge honour and went very well.

Week 40 – A friend had her reassignment op.

Week 43 – I started T-Blockers!!

And that’s basically a quick summary of the last, crazy, 45 weeks. I hope you all found it an interesting, informative and enjoyable read and look forward to a few more months of blogging.

Hope you all have a great 2015!


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