Week 46 – Bonus Edition : The power of Photography.. oh and Nursing.

Published January 7, 2015 by Katier Scott

Selfies (5 of 8)

Any of you who read my posts over the New Year will recognise that above photograph, and wonder why it’s making another appearance. Well this photo is now my new profile image everywhere, When I changed it on FB I garnered 45 likes in a matter of just a few hours, something I hadn’t expected simply because, firstly I don’t post with any expectations, but secondly because it was a profile image change so that made it even likely – in my eyes – to be liked.

As the likes poured in I took another look at the photo and realised that, in fact, it’s a damned nice photo – I look good in it, the post is nice and it’s reasonably well composed. The only minor blemish might be the cropped shoe but as it’s a self portrait I think I can be forgiven for that.

What this photo ultimately has done is given me a lot of positive vibes and made me realise that good photos of yourself are worth their weight in gold. This is because they can make YOU feel good about yourself. So I’d encourage you all to get some good quality photographs taken of yourself. Not necessarily by a professional, but definitely not the classic Mirror/phone selfie style. Either use a tripod and self timer or someone else to operate the camera – even if it’s just a friend – then SHARE, put it on FB, spread them out – I’m sure you’ll get genuine positive feedback and feel good about it.

The other news I thought I’d stick into this post is the fact I have decided to apply to become a Mental Health Nurse – huge change from my current job and means a return to study for 3 years, but my current job is very stagnant and effectively low paid, so I need a career where I have a better chance of career and reasonable wages.

I’ve got my first interview as part of the selection process in February and have applied to three Universities in total.

My last piece of quick news is I have my appointment for my first consultation about getting referred to surgery. The appointment is later this month and I will, of course, let you know how it goes.


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