Week 47 – Day 3 – Onwards and upwards!!

Published January 14, 2015 by Katier Scott

So 2014 was a crazy, positive, and interesting year… what will 2015 bring?

Well it’s impossible to be sure, no-one is a fortune teller, but I am going into 2015 with more plans than I ever have had before, and I think that’s the important thing to remember if your transitioning, don’t let it take over your life, you have to keep going, doing things you love and not letting your transition be an excuse not to do something.

To that end I’m having to plan and think up contingency plans for this year, this is because the big thing this year will, hopefully be ‘the op’. That will take 12 weeks out of the year, which means anything else I do will have to be around the recovery from that. To that end I am hoping that Sheffield will agree to refer me to Brighton next week. Based on a Tumblr blog I have seen that means I may get surgery by Late June/Early July which is JUST in time to start Uni in mid September.

Next April I have my first gig, which is very exciting and will take place at one of my local pubs. Helping me will be one of my best friends on Guitar and Backing Vocals (which is a reallyNursing¬† strange thing to put as he’s a better singer than me!), another friend on percussion and another helping me out with lead vocals. She will be leading part of the gig, while I lead the rest as I felt 2 hours of singing was a bit much for a first gig!! I also hopefully will have a bassist, so essentially full acoustic group which I am getting really excited about, although also nervous of course as I really want to do all the support I have been getting justice.

Alongside that I hope to continue my Marshalling and will, of course, attend my LARP events and volunteer for them – although I might, for the first time, be forced to miss one, possibly two of them, which will be a shame, but only due to Surgery. Likewise my Marshaling will take a hit so I may not manage to get my upgrade as I hoped.

But really that doesn’t matter, while I backup what I said earlier, about not letting your transition take over your life, when it comes to surgery it will. Nothing you can do about that. Then of course the final part will hopefully be returning to University to study Mental Health Nursing in September.

Anyway as you’ve probably gathered I’m pretty excited about the prospects for 2015, and I hope you will all continue to enjoy this blog, and if you do, please follow it. Comments are also always appreciated and I thankyou for your continued support.


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