Week 49 – Day 4 : More pills to take!!

Published January 30, 2015 by Katier Scott

I can’t believe there are only three weeks to a year since I started this project and I’ve managed to do at least one post and photograph every day. Last week I posted a concept for the cover and chose a title for the book and with that in mind I’ve decided to post a few more concepts and ideas over the next few weeks. This week I think I’ll post up the first draft of an introduction for the book, then I’ll do concepts for the main pages. I hope you’ll find these entries as interesting as everything else I post and any and all feedback will be appreciated.

This week we finally got a Oestrogen reading my GP was happy with and, in a show of how much my confidence has improved, I didn’t see my normal GP, but the other main GP at the practice. Turned out he’d also worked with a Gender Dysphoric patient and was able to quickly get up to speed with my blood results.

Oestrogen was low which I expected but it was a reading that we feel is accurate so my dosage has been increased to 6mg, or 3 tablets a day. My Testosterone has also dropped noticeably and is now 0.15 which is below the female normal range so that’s on target and no changes are needed there.

So that’s good, this week has been a bit up and downy as my first gig got double booked so I was cancelled and am currently first gigless. The open Mic on Sunday was a bit spotty although still a positive experience and my friend who is doing my guitar playing for me and I are going to continue to practice every Tuesday which will allow me to improve (alongside me practising on my own of course) and at the next open Mic at the end of February we are planning on debuting ‘Born a Woman’ which is the song which inspired the title of the book, was the first song I wrote, and is essentially my life story in a song!!

I’m going to see if I can record that performance and if it comes off and sounds ok will post it in this blog. My new job hasn’t been confirmed yet which is a little frustrating, I hate waiting for things, it makes me nervous! Similarly today is effectively 2 weeks since my interview for the nursing place and I haven’t heard back yet, so my nerves are definitely a little shakey at the moment.

As you can see however, despite little bumps in the road, including Coventry University rejecting my application without ever contacting me in any form – which was very bad customer service – I’m still looking to the positive side of things and I think that the core point of this blog, life must go on and even when things are going well, nothing is going to be entirely smooth.

That’s it for now, this short post is still 500 words!! Hope you enjoy the book snippets as they appear.


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