Week 50 – Day 5 : Bumps in the Road (Part 2)

Published February 6, 2015 by Katier Scott

Part 1 of this weeks post can be found at  Week 50 : day 5 – bumps in the road (part 1) and as with Part 1 I’d really appreciate your feedback and thoughts.

With the uncertainty of time scales I am now faced with choices regarding the book part of this project. The original plan was to create a book documenting the first 12 months on hormones. The book would have a sequence of progression photos showing the growth of breast and other changes, matched to blocks of text about that week or a fact about Gender Dysphoria. This evolved as I felt, partially due to the delay in t-blockers, the changes were a little slow. That isn’t to say I’m disappointed with the changes, far from it – I love my boobs and the t-blockers are definitely having an effect – just they overall are a little less than I’d hoped for the book.

With that in mind I decided to take the book up to Surgery, hoping it would be 6-7 months into this year. Unfortunately the latest news is rapidly looking like at least next year, which means I’d be forced to either slot it into the middle of a course, assuming I get on the course of course, or delay till I graduate which sucks. But with the delays it means the project needs re-evaluating.

I see three choices :-

Plan A – The original plan, work on a book of the first 12 months as planned, then do a second book – as suggested by a very good friend – for the run into and out of surgery.

Plan B – As for plan A but make the first book a little more wordy, more of a biography, with the pictures interspersed a little more through the book and maybe even, if relevant, images of me fully clothed not topless.

Plan C – Wait till surgery to do one big book, which means the book has unknown timescales.

I plan on getting the book published both via online electronic sources such as Kindle – which I’ve investigated and am comfortable with, but also physically and if any of you have self published, any tips and hints would be most appreciated.

Also would you folks like to see the blog continue past the book being published? Are you finding it interesting enough to warrant continuing it. I’m quite enjoying writing it, and it’s easily the biggest project of this ilk I have done,

I’d also like to take this chance to offer everyone a HUGE thank you for reading my weekly ramblings and to my friends for their constant amazing support.


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