Week 50 : Day 6 – Bonus Edition!

Published February 7, 2015 by Katier Scott

Just a quick update following on from yesterday. The promised part 3 is still planned and will get posted later today but I wanted to give you all an update.

Firstly I spoke to my GP yesterday after posting and she is completely on board and is going to speak to the Gender Clinic. Interestingly she is going to, on top of probably the tack I was taking, bring in all the raw facts about my transition. The fact I’ve been transitioning for closing in on 5 years, been in the GIC waiting list/treatment pathway for nearly 4 of those, the fact I’ve been very patient. Plus the simple things like the fact that a GIC has never requested me do anything and always given me treatment at the earliest opportunity – thus delays now have no good reasoning behind them.

Secondly I think I’m going with plan B for the book. Everyone I’ve spoken to seemed drawn to it and I’d started to get quite tempted by it. There are a few reasons for this but the main one is the fact that transition starts when your born, so I think writing about myself throughout my life will be an interesting exersize and a lot more interesting to the readers. Indeed I think it’ll make the book a lot more personal and when I thought about it yesterday I realised that it was not unlike Richard Hammond’s book. Although the book was triggered by his accident, and a decent portion of the book was about his life up to getting onto top gear and I think that makes the book a lot more interesting.

Thirdly I’ve got an offer for University!! I have 3 irons in the fire still for alternative University but the fact I have a firm offer on the table is HUGE and something that had me bouncing off the walls yesterday! It was such a relief after two years of struggle to get promotion to work to have something so positive. My second job as a home care worker was a great relief but didn’t feel so big as a Mental Health Nursing application is not just taken on qualifications but also interview and personal specification. There are limited places and they need to be confident you’ll make a good nurse. The home care workers are in major short supply, so there is no competition for places, just a case of whether your appointable or not. It’s a great confidence boost to go to another company but the University offer is just massive for me. It’s hard to portray just how much it means to me, I can’t wait!!


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