Week 51 : Day 5 – You’d think I’d get it on time by now..

Published February 13, 2015 by Katier Scott

With one week left for the first birthday of this blog and the start of the second part of this project, you’d think I’d actually post things on time but nope.. I’ve been WAY too busy!

In some ways it’s been a quiet week, not much on the Gender Dysphoric front to pick up on but I’ve had 4 days, most of which have involved multiple things and a rush into work. Tuesday was all about music, with my guitar lesson and singing practice in the evening. Highlight of that was a very successful Vegetarian Lasagne. I’ve never made one before but it was the challenge set by my friend and one that had me complimenting myself I enjoyed it so much!!

Thursday was another Nursing interview, this time at Staffordshire University, again for Mental Health Nursing. This time it was a full days assessment and I think it went fairly well although I’m worried I might not get offered a place due to ‘lack of clinical experience’. That would be a shame as I’d definitely be tempted as the staff seemed very helpful and friendly so I’d definitely seriously consider it. Birmingham City University are now the only University who haven’t made a decision on whether they want to invite me for interview, but of course at the end of the day I have an offer at an excellent University so more choices just make things interesting for me, rather than needing to be a necessity.

The Friday was more business related stuff and for the second day in a row getting into work after a long day – it gives me confidence I’ll cope fine when my second job starts, but I’ll definitely need to sort my sleep out!!!

On the Surgery front my GP, who I saw today, has spoken to Sheffield and they have agreed to discuss my case on Monday. They have 3 separate Clinical, and 1 Physiologist/counsellor report to go on from two Gender Clinic’s so I really hope they see sense and agree, at the very least, to just needing to see me once more. But we’ll see, the fact they’ve agreed to discuss it. is at least positive. I’ll find out that during next week, probably Wednesday, and  the second stage of the project (or is it the third?) will start with news on that front.

The next stages, of course, will run in parelell with a continuation of this blog paired with my actually writing the first book!


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