Week 52 – Day 3 : Year 2 – Day 2 : Onto the second year on hormones.

Published February 19, 2015 by Katier Scott

It’s a shame I was so busy yesterday to miss the anniversary of starting hormones but I simply didn’t have time yesterday. Time.. a theme of my life at the moment. I simply don’t appear to have any, and I should be starting my second job soon which is good. It’s been a slow process due to new recruitment procedures at the company but I spoke to them earlier this week and had emails off them today so it’s all making progress for which I am very happy.

University wise it looks likely I will only have on choice to go to after Staffordshire rejected me earlier in the week. It’s not really a problem, however, as having done plenty of research and attended an open day for the one that has given me an offer, I’m happy with my choice and even if the one remaining University do ultimately offer me a place, most likely, I will go to the offer I have in my hand as it’s most convenient.

Unfortunately the start of the second year doesn’t start with good news on the transition front. Spoke to the gender clinic today and they hadn’t yet discussed my case. So looks unlikely that I will hear anything until my appointment in the middle of the month. That’s more than a little frustrating although given the existing appointment would probably be needed regardless it’s something I can cope with. The critical thing is that we’re tight for time. My University course will, subject to DBS and health checks, which hopefully will be straight forward, start in the middle of January 2016. Ideally to get the full ‘book’ 3 months off I’d need surgery no later than first week in November, although reading peoples experiences as long as we give at least 8 weeks I should be fine, so can push into late November.

I’m getting really excited about the change in career, so 2015 is definitely looking to be a year where I do a lot of preparation, and of course have a book to write. So far, including the introduction I’m over 3000 words which is a good solid start, but I’m sure I’ll need at least 15 times that by the end!

Anyway that’s it for this week, quite short for me – which makes a change!


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