Week 53 – Day 3 : Bigotted or simply misinformed?

Published February 25, 2015 by Katier Scott

I have never been someone who particularly campaigns about anything, I’ve always spent time trying to support people and indeed one of the reasons for going into Nursing has been due to my supportive nature and enjoyment from supporting people..

However I have suddenly realised I have something I am really passionate about and really would like to change. As readers of my blog know I’ve never particularly liked the tag ‘transexual’ and try to avoid using it, and the more I think about it the more I realise it needs to vanish.

You don’t see someone with cancer, or dyslexia or a cold say they are <insert label here> they are simply a man/woman/preferred gender identity with cancer, dyslexia or a cold. By dropping and removing the transexual label and sticking with <correct gender identity> with Gender Dysphoria IMO it makes things a lot easier to understand for those who are are lacking knowledge on the subject.

The realisation came on the back of two fantastic recent items I saw on facebook.

Firstly Zays Story which is a fantastic heart warming story about a 12 year old girl with gender dysphoria and then The Daily Mail published this story about a FTM guy who replicated an Adam Levine photograph aimed at raising awareness of FTM.

Reading some of the comments you had a lot of really positive feedback but naturally the negative comments came in. Then thinking about it and I thought, were they being bigotted or simply misinformed.

While I’m sure some were attention seeking, trolling or being bigotted I realised that many probably were simply mis-informed. If we start correcting the way that we refer to ourselves then hopefully people will start to learn and understand that we are very different from transvestites, cross dressers and those who wear elements of female clothing as a fetish. If we stop using the ‘transexual’ or ‘transgender’ labels and start using men and women (or whatever you prefer) with Gender Dysphoria then I firmly believe that it will make things a lot clearer and easier to explain to people.

It’s also worth remembering when educating people that there is no such thing as ‘only men and women’ because due to chromosomal issues people can be born with various physical gender anomalies. Similarly science has discovered that when the body starts to develop it’s final gender within the womb, remember all babies start as female, hormones actually trigger the changes. The body uses one hormone to sort it’s physical appearance, while other hormonal triggers get the brains gender sorted. If the hormonal triggers fail, or misfire then we end up with a gender dysphoric person, even if their chromosomes are ‘normal.


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