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Week 57 – Day 3 : Battle Lines are drawn.

Published March 25, 2015 by Katier Scott

So following my appointment with Dr Shetti last week he was happy to refer me for surgery.. Indeed he was basically happy to before I walked through the door and what I told him probably only re-enforced an already strong opinion. With my new sport of Roller Derby (see the Ditzy Roller Girl ) I ticked a box for myself that I hadn’t been asked to by the GIC, but of course Shetti would see that as a positive. He then encouraged me to write a letter of complaint to Porterbrook as their insistence that I get my second surgery referral from Leeds GIC with the associated delays that causes was something that he agreed, in my case, was causing major non-clinical delays.

When Dr Shetti initially told me, via the phone, I’d done some research and it soon became clear that, unbeknown to me, Porterbrook had mishandled my case. Various guidelines on the NHS website stipulate a series of conditions which weren’t met by Porterbrook.

Firstly when I arrived their, they insisted on doing a full re-assessment of 4 appointments. Not only was this assessment wrong as they should have taken the assessment that I was Gender Dysphoric from CHX and thus simply taken on board that they said I needed T-blockers after 3 months if the bloods hadn’t seen a particular level. In the event it took 4 months or more for me to finally get T-blockers.

Secondly they I was told they wouldn’t refer until (depending on which appointment I had) I was on hormones for 12 months or they had been seeing me for 12 months – the former is right on some guidelines although I think the real condition is “Surgery won’t happen until you’ve been on hormones for 12 months, however you can be referred once you’ve been living full time for 12 months” – either way they should have been referring me in February, not ‘still waiting’.

All this means there have been, and continue to be, some major non-clinical delays in my treatment, and it turns out that makes things strong in my case. In one of the guidelines which can be found on NHS Policy Guidelines the case of Watts v. Bedford Primary Care Trust & Secretary of State for Health is mentioned, and essentially because any delays from this point forward are non-clinical.

So we’ll see what happens, ultimately if Porterbrook stick to their guns I’m in a worst case scenario so nothing to loose by fighting it. I’ll start with the letter to Porterbrook and go from there and then use other complaint lines such as PALS if needed.


Week 55 – Day 5 – First low motivation week.

Published March 13, 2015 by Katier Scott

When I started this project some people, including me, didn’t expect me to get it as far as it has. So to be into the second year is, in my opinion, a brilliant achievement. I’ve even managed to not miss a single week and don’t plan on.

However we all have low points in projects and I’ve had that much on this week actually sitting and motivating myself to write – and even work out what to write, has proved to be tough.

I am feeling a lot better in myself now I haven’t got the stress of my flat mate around, and things are progressing with my second job – although just to slow things down a bit DBS managed to mess up my check by mis-spelling my middle name!! So that’s going to delay getting cleared to work a few weeks which is unfortunate, and not ideal as it means my parents will be helping me out for another month – but these things are sent to test us and I’ll cope.

The main reason for the motivation hit was the second job, I’ve had training with my other job this week alongside my main job and simply been so busy and tired it’s hard to fit things in and think about what to write.

Right now doing a lot of ‘sorting this and that’ – tying up bits I need to and generally simply getting on with life. Almost finished my Occ-Health form for nursing and waiting on GP to sort her version of same.

Really enjoying Roller Derby, off there tonight and can’t wait, but also getting on with my singing. My friend who plays guitar for me has started to nudge me to work on me playing and singing a song, up to now I simply haven’t had the confidence or ability to do it. But I think we’ve found a song I can manage and that will be kinda cool to do. I’m also working on finishing off learning Everybody Hurts by REM. It’s actually the first song I learnt some of but it contains dreaded bar chords after the second chorus which is something I’m struggling with. Once I can do the bar chords ‘adequately’ we’ll then flip the end of the set round so I start playing bits as well as singing or with my friend singing.

But I think this post really shows I am where every Gender Dysphoric tries to be just another lady in a big town getting on with life!! I still have things I need to sort with the GD, and have appointments over the next two weeks to move that forward, but ultimately as long as there is progress on the treatment front I’m in a good enough place to simply enjoy life.

Week 54 – Day 4 : Random ramblings..

Published March 6, 2015 by Katier Scott

Wasn’t sure what to focus on this week, it’s been a bit random and lots going on, so trying to focus on a theme has been pretty much impossible.

I’ve started a new sport, Roller Derby, which I’ve already fallen in love with – heck I think I was in love with it before I even strapped on a pair of skates!! If you’re looking for a spot, and think you can handle the fact Roller Derby is a tough, full contact, sport, I can recommend you try it out. Don’t worry about not being able to skate as they are used to taking on non-skaters and you won’t practice full contact until your comfortable AND have shown you can do certain things on skates.

I’m very much someone who enjoys living life at high speed and isn’t afraid of a bit of rough and tumble – or in the case of Derby – a LOT of rough and tumble! So Derby is right up my street and expecting to really enjoy it, but the best bit about those with Gender Dysphoria, is it’s a sport that is extremely inclusive. They won’t bat an eyelid at you wanting to join the ladies teams, and of course it is predominantly a ladies sport. There are Co-Ed and mens teams too, but they are in the minority and I’d highly recommend joining a full ladies team – this is because it’ll do your confidence good to be playing a ladies sport, as a lady, and should help out with any visits to the Gender Clinic as they like to see you doing the same thing as any other woman might do!

My flat mate has finally left too, he was a nice enough guy but had habits and issues which just made it impossible for me to allow him to stay and he did leave the living room, which in the last two weeks he essentially took over as his own, his room, and the kitchen in a terrible state. I’ve now cleaned the kitchen more or less, couple of bits to finish but it’s taken me 3 hours, and also the living room – which is getting a partial redecoration so is topsy turvy rather at the moment. When it’s finished the living room will loose it’s horrible, pealing, dark brown wall paper and be replaced by a nice purpley coloured wall.

On the transition front I received my first report from the Voice therapist. It makes interesting reading, although some things I think she was a bit over the top with, or wrong, but that’s because she’s that kind of person. A bit like an old school head mistress!! Perhaps the most interesting thing is that the report seems to imply that I already have some female intonation patterns.. bit of a hybrid, which at least means I’m not starting from scratch!

I’ve finally sorted the training, next week, for my new second job so that’s also progress and means once again, next week is going to be very busy! Nothing new then 🙂

Due to the flat mate and being busy not been able to do anything on the book, but have two trips to Sheffield over the rest of this month so plan on spending time writing while on the train, plus making time once the new job training is out of the way.