Week 58 – day 4 : Another busy week.

Published April 2, 2015 by Katier Scott

This week has been yet another hugely busy week. So much so that I am writing this post on my phone while sitting in a field while crewing for the LARP event regular readers may remember from last year.

On Monday I had another appointment at voice therapy which, ironically for ‘voice therapy’ concentration on appearances rather than voice. Something I am not really bothered about, it’s my voice I want to improve.

I can understand a bit of the thinking behind it and certainly there is no harm in improving posture, but as I don’t typically get misread by others when walking it’s not a high priority for me.

I will take on board what she said but most of the exersizes will not get done, I have enough trouble doing stuff done as it is!

I am more than willing to work on my voice, that’s the point of the exercise, however I simply don’t have the time to work on exercises that will give minimal improvement for a lot of effort.

Things I can do day to day is fine, of course, so I will try to walk straighter (i am sure my back will appreciate it) and other little things that form simple habit changes while walking makes sense.

I know it sounds kinda negative, and it is, but I currently have to balance priorities. Didn’t help that the therapist wasn’t happy when I said I wouldn’t do anything for a week.. so far I have not stopped for 4 days this week, and in the last 36 hours worked 20+ – I would love to know, alongside sleep, eating, living in a tent and battling mud where I would find time to sit in front of a full length (non existent) mirror….

Camping is not conducive to excersizes requiring solid walls (which don’t exist) or mirrors which also don’t exist!


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