Week 59 – Day 5 : Patience a Virtue.. but frustrating..

Published April 10, 2015 by Katier Scott

So the the complaint has gone off the Sheffield, but how long do I give for a response?

I’ve decided to wait till the end of next week, which will effectively be the Monday after for an initial chase. My plan if they don’t respond is to send the same letter both to the PALS and the complaints line for Sheffield Mental Health Trust as they’ll have had their chance to resolve it internally, so can’t complain if I go above their heads. I’m really hoping that it won’t come to that, and the ultimate hope is both to resolve my issues and to improve procedures for future patients.

Really the only issue with Porterbrook is their procedures, the admin staff are significantly better than CHX and the consultants generally very good, so I don’t want to rock the boat too much as it doesn’t need rocking – just improve procedures and remove my non-clinical delays.

I’m also having to judge patience with my CRB, when do I begin to chase that up as I really want to start my second job soon.

I’m also learning a lot about myself and how I need to manage myself, my whole lifestyle is changing in a very good way but with it comes and understand of what I need to change about myself.

I’ve always been a helpful person, way back when I played cricket I’d always volunteer for helping with maintenance, putting out boundary markers, behind the bar etc. Now, however, it’s putting my health at risk as I push myself too hard because I’m also conciousness so don’t like taking the piss with my work level.

Unfortunately that caused me to completely wear myself out at the LARP event. By Crewing I get the ability to play the event, get free food the entire event (plus snacks/coffee etc.) and a free drink in the bar. So the entire weekend just costs me the petrol to get on site, nothing else.

The payment is, of course, me (and 200-300 other volunteers) putting in a lot of time and effort to get the event running, and keep it running over the course of a weekend.

Unfortunately, admittedly partially down to the mud which made things  tough and prevented me using a vehicle where I normally would, and the larger site, I simply wore myself out. I now realise I don’t need to work that hard to earn my keep, I need to look after myself and balance work with rest to a much better degree. Just for reference my work load last weekend was :-

Weds – about 6 hours, finish at 10:30-11pm, bed straight away.
Thurs – 09:30-11pm – 50 minutes of break, walking on a hill in mud most of the day.
Friday – 10:15-11pmish – 50 minutes of break. Was exhausted at the end, although managed to avoid mud which helped!
Saturday – couple of hours helping shift stock, and bit of first aid bits and bobs – exhausted by 9pm!!
Sunday – 2 hours First aid then came home.

That run on Weds/Thurs/Friday simply broke me, and I realise I need to work with the other crew to ensure that if I am to work 12+ hour shifts, I need a 2-3 hour break somewhere just to stop burning myself out. I’m no good burnt out and it also means I don’t get to get much IC time.

So I’m beginning to understand how I need to balance my volunteer stuff, not over-extend my duties, still be helpful and diligent but not burn myself out in the process.


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