Week 61 – Day 5 : Nothing to say…

Published April 23, 2015 by Katier Scott

Literally as it happens as I lost my voice on Monday!!

But this has been a week where I simply haven’t picked up on anything to talk about. On the back of the emotions triggered by the news of Casper and the #doitfor57 campaign, I think a quiet week was needed – and that’s just what’s happened. I made that post on Sunday of course, and as this blog has always been intended to be informative so that almost worked as a post for this week.

I promised myself I’d do one post a week, however, and thus your getting one, even if it’s a shorty.

I did have a proud moment this week when I finally finished re-decorating a wall in my lounge that needed doing the day I walked into the flat.. 4 years ago!! It’s gone from a horrible mess of dark brown painted, peeling and curling wallpaper. It’s now a lovely purple wall with a contrasting abstract painting hanging on it.

As regular readers know I intended this blog to be helpful and informative, so I guess it’s natural for me to be supportive and informative in real life and I had a really enjoyable conversation with one of our Gender Dysphoric students who said she found it most useful and helped her allay some of her concerns and worries.

Overall it’s been just what I needed.. a quiet week.. so that’s it for now and catch up with you next week.


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