Week 62 – Day 7 : Life’s not slowing up!!

Published May 3, 2015 by Katier Scott

Wow  I think this is the latest post but the last week has been pretty busy. That busy I completely forgot to get my latest blood test done, so NEED to get that sorted next week before I run out of hormones. That said my GP would do a repeat as I’ve been on this dose of 6mg for a while but still a chance it’ll go to 8 at some point.

Blood test should also include some immunity tests for my nursing which saves the NHS doing them a second blood test, bundle the two into one.

My new job still isn’t sorted, but it’s making progress. The company I’ll be working for started a new ‘recruitment’ office which included I think a lot of new staff so it’s been tricky at times as I get the impression there has been some communication issues between departments within that office. For example one person told me via email they couldn’t contact the manager of the regional office I’ll be working with, I got a bit frustrated so contact the girl who’s my ‘point of contact’ at the recruitment centre and she sorted everything she could.. in about an hour!!

But the company seem to be a company who do actually care for their employee’s (important in the job I’ll be doing) and the DBS problems aren’t their fault so I’m just about keeping my patience.

This week has also been filled with Roller Derby which will be mainly covered in my other blog but that was really enjoyable but I’ll pay for it tomorrow!!

My next Voice Therapy appointment is next week which will be the third appointment and first proper appointment aimed at voice rather than posture. I’ve found the posture stuff very frustrating because I feel she’s telling me I ‘NEED’ to do ‘xyz’ to be a woman.. given I rarely get seen as anything other than a woman (until I speak) I never feel like the way I walk and carry myself is an issue. Some bits are general ‘good’ practice so don’t mind those but I did feel she pushed that side a bit too heavily. Didn’t adapt to a girl who actually doesn’t have issues in public, just wants to improve her voice mainly related to telephone and similar, although in public will be much appreciated.

Ironically these last two weeks my voice has been BAD.. I strained it badly cheering on Wolverhampton Honour Rollers in their epic win then followed it up with a cold which left my voice in a bad way. It’s starting to feel much better today though :).


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