Week 69 – Day 7 : The overachiever?

Published June 21, 2015 by Katier Scott

I love doing the little facebook quizzes that crop up from time to time, they can be fun and I find them interesting to see how close to ‘me’ or what I perceive as ‘me’ they are. I decided one of these results was simply too pretentious to post, but when discussing it with a friend we realised that while ‘overachiever’ was probably inaccurate, I DO love achieving things.

So that’s how this weeks blog came about, talking about achievement. In much the same way as I talked about setting goals a few weeks ago, I think it’s absolutely important not to forget your achievements. They can pick you up when your feeling down or just present happy memories, and the fact is, we all achieve things and it’s easy to not realise, perhaps even think you’ve done nothing with your life.

When the conversation with my friend started I really disagreed with the overachiever part of the quiz answer, but she said “You love achieving.” – and she’s absolutely dead right, I do love meeting goals, achieving stuff and really that attitude has come around since I started my degree in 2007.

But that said when I look back, there are still achievements I am really proud of. When I used to play cricket, many years ago, I score 113 against a team I would later play for, it was about my 4th time passed 50 runs, but the first time I’d gone on. Indeed a lot of my achievements would be sporting based, mainly cricket, but they all count. I had some proud achievements at work, working in taxing conditions and finishing projects is never a bad thing to do.

Likewise simply keeping my family fed in a career which suffered a far too high degree of discrimination, redundancy and victimisation – is definitely an achievement. Passing my degree was an achievement that I never thought I would do, but having done so it one of the proudest achievements but since then I am building up memories which are all achievements. Volunteer work, Singing, Race for Life, finishing The Suffering etc. – all achievements and something to be proud of.

I’ll admit, when looking back through my own life, I struggled a bit with the first half of my life, or more, but the achievements were there, so go on, if your feeling like you’ve achieved nothing think about it, I bet you have.. and have some extremely proud achievements to put a smile on your face. It can be anything, from getting a job after a troubled time getting one, through to a 5K run at the end of a Couch to 5K, graduating from uni, getting married (or even simply getting a partner after a time without), achievements are happy memories and I’ve definitely got a smile on my face writing this blog.

So why don’t you think about your own and see if it puts a smile on yours. You may wonder what relevance this has about a blog talking about someone who is Gender Dysphoric, well the fact is, especially when your treatment is stalled, or can be very easy to slip into depression, sadness or frustration. Thinking about what you’ve achieved so far will hopefully make you realise things aren’t all bad and spur you on to bigger and better achievements.


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