I’m a Journalist, Photographer and Transwoman who recently start the medical part of her transition. As a journalist I understand the natural curiousity humans have so have decided to blend my current life status with my Journalism and Photogaphy skills to create a book aimed at answering questions people might have.

The first book will document the effects of hormones on my body, presenting the reader with a clear example of just how important hormones are to our bodies appearance and demonstrating how long the process takes.

The second book is just an idea right now but will be centred on the surgery that transsexuals go on to give us a body that reflects our mental feelings and presentation.

This blog will allow me to keep follows up to date with the way the project is going and allow me to share feelings and thoughts at the project develops.

I may post the occasional progress photograph and there will be some vlog’s but the main progress imagery will be saved for the book.

While I don’t personally associate with the terms Transexual or Transgender, and am hopeful that anyone who does, whether they are Male to Female (MtF), Female to Male (FtM) or something in the middle, will find this blog useful and informative.


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