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Week 58 – day 4 : Another busy week.

Published April 2, 2015 by Katier Scott

This week has been yet another hugely busy week. So much so that I am writing this post on my phone while sitting in a field while crewing for the LARP event regular readers may remember from last year.

On Monday I had another appointment at voice therapy which, ironically for ‘voice therapy’ concentration on appearances rather than voice. Something I am not really bothered about, it’s my voice I want to improve.

I can understand a bit of the thinking behind it and certainly there is no harm in improving posture, but as I don’t typically get misread by others when walking it’s not a high priority for me.

I will take on board what she said but most of the exersizes will not get done, I have enough trouble doing stuff done as it is!

I am more than willing to work on my voice, that’s the point of the exercise, however I simply don’t have the time to work on exercises that will give minimal improvement for a lot of effort.

Things I can do day to day is fine, of course, so I will try to walk straighter (i am sure my back will appreciate it) and other little things that form simple habit changes while walking makes sense.

I know it sounds kinda negative, and it is, but I currently have to balance priorities. Didn’t help that the therapist wasn’t happy when I said I wouldn’t do anything for a week.. so far I have not stopped for 4 days this week, and in the last 36 hours worked 20+ – I would love to know, alongside sleep, eating, living in a tent and battling mud where I would find time to sit in front of a full length (non existent) mirror….

Camping is not conducive to excersizes requiring solid walls (which don’t exist) or mirrors which also don’t exist!


Bonus Post: Having fun with B&W

Published February 21, 2015 by Katier Scott

Something a bit different in this post, I love, as you know, sharing my photography – and of course this blog is centred on photography and a book – however I think this is the first time I’ve posted and shared my work so simply. But I think it’s good to do so, it shows me just doing day to day things and enjoying myself.

Personally I love black and white photography, although much prefer it’s use with film, especially larger formats of film. Today, inspired a bit by Leanne Cole’s  Monochrome Madness blog posts I decided to do a few of my own. Film was out for today so I was going to have to settle for quick post processing of Digital images using my Pentax K100D DSLR. The K100D is an ageing but highly capable DSLR and with modern RAW image processing can produce some excellent work – as you can see below. These photos I’m quite pleased with and while not stunningly good, do show off the capabilities of the camera very well.

Black and White Wolverhampton (1 of 4) Black and White Wolverhampton (2 of 4) Black and White Wolverhampton (3 of 4) Black and White Wolverhampton (4 of 4)

Week 48 – Bonus Post : The book has a cover.. and a title!!

Published January 25, 2015 by Katier Scott

So I did some experimental photography work today in my ‘studio’ and came up with a concept for the cover of the book I’m reasonably happy with. The title I felt fitted well and is the title of the first song I wrote, a song which of course was written about myself.

Naturally if anyone has any thoughts on it I’m more than happy to receive them. It’s obviously slightly risky having a nude as the front cover, but I think it’s done tastefully and the whole book will be full of topless shots of me so it’s hardly different to the contents. Similarly I think I’ve got the lighting/post processing right so it’s ‘safe for work’ and no different to the other images I’ve posted.


Week 48 – Day 5 : Probably the craziest week.. in a year of crazy weeks!!

Published January 23, 2015 by Katier Scott

Wow.. ok that was definitely a crazy week but definitely a good one.

As you know I’m working on getting into Mental Health nursing and I had my first interview last Monday. I think it went fairly well, and one of the other people who happens to be already studying at the Uni on an access course, said she struggled. So the fact I didn’t struggle, but felt a few answers could have been better, at least gave me a bit of hope I didn’t mess up.

Tuesday was a blood test I finally remembered to get, so hopefully we’ll have accurate enough readings for Testosterone (reduced by t-blockers) and Eostrogen to tweak my tablets as needed.

Wednesday was a telephone interview for a job as a Home Care worker, which went well as they immediately invited me for a face to face the next day. Thursday was the interview and was one of the most casual interviews I’ve had!! After about half of the questions, which had been dictated by the interviewers HQ, he gave up!! Said “Well you’ve answered that, and that.. ‘really all I am interested in is do I think you’ll make a good care worker.. and I do.. so I’m happy to take you onto the next stage.’ The next stage being DBS and ID checks, then I should be working and earning extra income – as well as the important starting to gain experience in the care industry.

Then today was the latest appointment at Sheffield. This was almost a completely wasted journey as I was late due to traffic and the fact I was driving in -1degC temperatures on my Motorbike. As a result I was almost half an hour late at which point she said she wouldn’t see me. Now I still had 30 minutes of my appointment left and I knew, from previous experience, that 30 minutes was enough to get a good deal done. She said “I can’t do a full assessment in 30 minutes” at which point I realised she didn’t know why I was there, and might not even have read my notes!! That obviously annoyed me as the appointment was very specifically arranged and obviously I refused to accept she wouldn’t see me.

Eventually she did cram a 20 minute session in, which ran into the next patients slot by 15 minutes!!! Yes really! which I think went ok and she seemed happy to discuss surgery with her colleagues so ultimately I think a positive outcome but did leave with a bit of concern about what will happen next. I’ll chase up at the end of next week just so I have a better idea of what’s going on.

So yeah, pretty crazy old week!! Coming up in Feb I have my second Uni interview and also my first voice therapy appointment. 2015 is certainly looking to be carrying on with the madness of 2014.. and I’m loving it!!

New Years Day – Photography and clothes.

Published January 1, 2015 by Katier Scott

So up to now you’ve not seen much in the way of photography, which I guess is a bit strange. Of course part of the reason is I want to keep the blog PG and while the book will be artistic/documentary it’s still topless. It’s in no way porn but I simply don’t to take the risk of this blog being ‘marked’ in any way.

However today I took the chance to do some self portraits. The first is a re-shoot of this first photo which I’ve shown previously in my blog.

This shot I kinda titled ‘Playing with Light’ although really it was exploring the idea of gender anonymity without a naked self portrait.

playing with light

The re-shoot deliberately hints at some boob but in general is exactly the same idea of anonymous and using the human form.

Selfies (2 of 8)

I then moved onto more general self portraits, I though it would be nice to share what I wore going out to New Years Eve and also the kinds of outfit I wear day to day.

This is my NYE outfit and is a dress from House of Fraser which was at a huge discount and bought off the back of a coat my sister bought me which sadly didn’t fit. Was a crying shame as she put a lot of effort into it but was just too small, or too big – I needed the smaller size, with the larger size arms!! Fell in love with this dress and that’s what I ended up with.

Selfies (5 of 8)

These last two are intended to show just how casual you can get and still be feminine, standard outfits I wear day to day for shopping, going to work, and even when I’m in a casual mood, or it’s just a quick one, to the pub.

I do where dresses and similar, and love them, but most of the time, like for many women, it’s Jeans for me.

Selfies (7 of 8)

Selfies (8 of 8)

Happy New Year

Published December 31, 2014 by Katier Scott

Looks like time beat me and I ran out of time to do all the planned blogging.

However, before I get to drunk down at my local, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

This has been the biggest project of its kind I have ever done. It’s continued existence includes in no small part the followers, commenters, and readers of my tiny little blog.

Thankyou everyone, and hope you will follow my journey through 2015!

Happy New Year!

Week 43 – Day 4 : Goodbye Mr T

Published December 18, 2014 by Katier Scott

Woohooo, took them a month, but I finally got a letter from Sheffield, full of good news.

I will be on 50mg of anti-testosterone drugs hopefully as of Monday which will hopefully make life much easier as body hair should reduce and, if I am lucky, some male pattern baldness will reverse.

I don’t expect a huge return of hair, but enough for being able to go around without a wig would be awesome. I am also hoping general feminsation etc. Will increase noticeably as my body isn’t fighting the conflicting wishes of two different hormones.

The consultant also confirmed that he was referring me for voice therapy and facial hair removal as well as surgery when the time comes.

So overall a positive letter, I am seeing the gp Monday and hopefully be saying goodbye to Mr T starting on the same day.